Waterjet Cutting
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Water jet cutting machine is a sort of machine which combines ultra-high pressure water jet generator with 2D or even 3D numerical control processing platform . It will increase the pressure of the water flow to high enough(more than 200MPa), so that the flow has great kinetic energy which allows it to penetrate the fiber,wood, leather, rubber and so on.If the flow is mixed with a certain proportion of  abrasive , then it can penetrate almost all the hard materials such as ceramic, stone, glass, metal, alloy etc.. Guided by the NC platform, it can begin processing or end processing at any position of the material, according to the preset trajectory with appropriate speed of movement, to process plane cutting for arbitrary graphics .
The Nano-composite tungsten carbides, Naco-composite zirconia plungers and various high pressure resistant stainless steel designed and produced by SUNSTART all are the core components of waterjet cutting system. We can supply customized service for both Nano-composite tungsten carbides and Naco-composite zirconia plungers in any specification. Waterjet cutting nowadays has been widely applied in any industry such us Aviation, Robots, Military, Parts production, Art Deco and so on.Therefore you can find SUNSTART products in all the above industry.

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