Ceramic Metering Filling
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The ceramic metering pump is the core part of Pharmaceutical Filling Machine for precise filling. The main body of it is made of advanced structural ceramics along with the process of cementation, welding, hot mounting and so on. Nowadays SUNSTART ceramic metering pump has been widely applied in various industry such as Pharmaceutical Filling, Beverage Filling, Cosmetics Filling, Petrochemical Industry and so on.
1.The advanced structural ceramics we choose are hard wearing with high hardness, corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance and will not pollute the medium liquid. All the materials we used are according to the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration )standard.
2.The interface between the piston and the cavity has been precisely polished, which can guarantee the leak tightness and the filling accuracy.
3.The interface with the medium liquid is designed under fluidal mechanics with no dead angel and groove, so it is easy to clean and disinfect.
4.Customized service for specification and filling volume is available.

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