Grinding & Polising

Grinding & Polising

Diamond grinding is a grinding process that can be applied to produce precision ceramics. It takes advantage of the fact that diamond has the highest hardness of any bulk material.
Incredibly high levels of accuracy and smooth surface finishes can be achieved on precision ceramics by diamond grinding allowing tolerances of only a few microns.

However, diamond grinding of engineering ceramics is a relatively expensive process; consequently, if a design can be produced to “as-fired” tolerances, the overall cost of the component is reduced.

High Precision Polishing

Sunstart polishes glass, ceramic, sapphire, and hard metal materials to industry leading optical surfaces. We offer optical polishing of both common and uncommon surface geometries. ID, OD, tapered rods, flat and stepped surface polishing to better than 5/10 scratch dig are some examples of our polishing capabilities. When laser quality finish is required, Sunstart offers single and double sided polishing exceeding 1/20th of a wavelength flatness.
  Surface roughness less than 3nm Ra
  Surface finish better than 5um/10um scratch/dig

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