Lathe machining

Lathe machining

Focus on Your Machining Requirements,Create Win-wins

Sunstart precision manufacturing is a precision machining company,specializing in custom machined parts per print. Our main services include

CNC Turning Services
CNC Milling Services
Manual Machining Services
CNC Precision Machining Service
High efficiency and excellent work

At Sunstart ,you will have access to advanced equipment and excellent CNC machining technologies.To get precise complex mechanical parts,electronic parts,mold components,etc.

Turning team and CNC milling team with 25 sets of CNC lathe,22 sets of CNC miller,with 3-axis,4-axis and 5-axis.
You will be allowed to order custom machined parts as small Qty’. We work based on your drawings or according to your samples,you will get nonstandard parts for your design. Metal parts,Plastic Parts,Aluminium alloy parts, or copper alloy parts.
At Sunstart precision manufacturing,integration of project planning with modern equipment,such as manual lathe,miller,grinder,EDM,wire cutting machine.

Quality Assurance

Focus on your requirement. If you would like to our customers,you know that quality control is key point of the complex,custom machined parts. If one part out of spec,that would impact your schedule. With Sunstart ,a hole sets of quality management system which from IQC,IPQC,Self-checking to OQC,to make sure good quality of parts.

Diamond grinding is a grinding process that can be applied to produce precision ceramics. It takes advantage of the fact that diamond has the highest hardness of any bulk material.

Incredibly high levels of accuracy and smooth surface finishes can be achieved on precision ceramics by diamond grinding allowing tolerances of only a few microns.

However, diamond grinding of engineering ceramics is a relatively expensive process; consequently, if a design can be produced to “as-fired” tolerances, the overall cost of the component is reduced.

Precision Machining (Diamond Grinding) of Engineering Ceramics

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